Wench Collecting!!

Good Day!! While you are visiting the village of Willy Nilly on the Wash at the Ohio Renaissance Festival you may wish to partake in a game with us, the Wenches of Myth – Local 73. The game we have created for you is Wench Collecting. Here is how it works:

You will look for Wenches who are wearing a Scarlet or Harlot (Bright Pink) “W”. This should be somewhere about the chest and shoulder area of said wenches.

You will approach said marked wench and politely ask permission to take a photo. Always ask permission please. Consent is Key for the wenches and if a photo has not been taken with permission it will not count. Do NOT interrupt a performance or conversation to request a photo. Be polite. Be patient. We are worth it.

Note: Wenches reserve to right to decline a photo. Just accept the response and move on. No means no!

If you have Instagram you can tag your photos: #IWGlocal73 #WenchesofMyth #WenchCollecting #ORF2021 and feel free to follow @iwglocal73

Once you have collected photos of 7 wenches, a full lust of wenches, present yourself to a wench to retrieve your prize. If the wench in question does not have a prize on hand present yourself to our Madame of Vice, Sarah, at A Viking Wife and she will present you with a prize. If you have collected 7 wenches, but not found someone to collect look for a wench with a sign by the gate at the end of the day to get a prize there.

If you can capture 7 wenches in a single photo you are amazing and we will heap praises on you, and perhaps there will be a special prize. Remember: Always with consent!


Places you can usually find at least one wench: Aleing Knight Pub, 3 Fools Pub, The Tipsy Cauldron, The ORFans Tent

Captive Wenches (Working Wenches): A Viking Wife, Crimson Chain Leatherworks, Little Shop of Jingles, Jewelry Creations and More by Cher Bear, Bard and Broad, Manes Managed, DragonFyre, King of Crowns, Damsel in This Dress, Armory Games and Gypsy Spirit

There are also several wenches in the cast, including the aristocracy (Lady Shrewsbury and Lady Morton). Remember, be polite, ask to take a photo, and don’t interrupt, but if you happen to get a photo with the queen…you might have gotten one wench already.

If you have any questions please ask a local wench we will gladly help you out.

Collect us all!!